Leah has written for many different publications over the years, has worked as a transcriber, and a ghost writer and enjoys freelancing with multiple music outlets, writing concert reviews, interviews, and memoir-type first person adventures. She self-published her first poetry collection, “Amicably Ever After; The Year I Grew Up”, in the Fall of ’08. Leah admits to having a few more books of her own bubbling up under the surface begging to be written




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Leah’s columns,  “Weighing In” and “Coffee Chats” go live every other week, along with 100+ female bloggers.

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Leah fell in love with writing at an early age. From Short Stories, to Journalism, Editorials, and Pen-Pals; Leah has always been involved in writing. Poetry is her constant. Leah’s poetry revolves around love; lost loves, heartbreaks, growth and transformation. Her writings most often times come from the insight gained after a painful experience. A frequent reader at “Priscilla’s Poetry Night” in Burbank, Leah has had her work published in two Anthologies and in 2008 self-published her own original collection of poems “Amicably Ever-After; The Year I Grew Up”.

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On The Road With Leah

In 2011 Leah created On the Road with Leah, the music & movie news blog. This blogs shares with you in-depth, personal interviews, reviews, and news from the world of music and red-carpet movie premieres, in conjunction with Leah’s Weekly Vlog .

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Daily Dead

Wait, you want me to cover all things horror? Sign me up! Leah quenches her passion for the undead and all things supernatural by being a contributing writer to the horror news site Daily Dead. Check out her exclusive interview with Robert Frey, CEO of Ely Roth’s Goretorium here: http://dailydead.com/exclusive-interview-with-goretorium-ceo-robert-frey/

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Leah’s Story

Always on an adventure and more than willing to take you along, this is Leah’s personal blog. Always one to live life as an open-book, anything and everything goes here.

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